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Re: More Profiles

Post by Tyrbiter »

It is also possible to save the profiles to a file and load others from a different saved file.
Brian G8SEZ
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Re: More Profiles

Post by veipaaa »

Hello, I want more profile storage places. Since this has already been desired by several customers, there is a need.

Greetings Frank
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Re: More Profiles

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I suppose there is certainly a technical reason (memory ?) for being unable to increase easily the number of profiles but for me too 5 profiles is not enough...
Hugues - ON5HH.
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Re: More Profiles

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Norbert, said The number of configuration profiles WILL NOT be increased, He did not say IT COULD NOT be Increased.
I for one could do with 5 more Profiles. Here's hoping. Regards Malcolm
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Re: More Profiles

Post by VA3JCD »

You say
"Most of our users are fine with the available 5 configuration profiles."

Ask them.
Run a poll in the forum and let see.

How many users do you need to say they want more profiles before you will implement more.

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