Save Custom Servers

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Save Custom Servers

Post by ki4ltk »

This may be a duplicate from someone else - apologies if it is. ... -page.html states "Note that these custom servers are stored in the browser's local storage (they won't show up using another browser)". Obviously the same would be true if you cleared your browser's cache.

It would be nice to be able to save custom servers in a more permanent way. For example, custom servers could be saved in a profile or directory on SharkRF's server and pulled down to the hotspot. Alternatively, a file could be saved to the local workstation to upload the customer servers. Ideally, the next version of the OpenSpot would have read/write space locally for custom servers and possibly other future features.

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Re: Save Custom Servers

Post by KC1LKO »

Is this still the case?

I find that there are two side effects of this:
1. Need to always use the same browser/computer to manage custom servers... can't use for example a computer at home and your iphone while on the go... Unless you do all the changes twice... one on each.

2. Can't QSY from the radio. Say for example you are on custom server1, then use radio to go to reflector 10200... that will work, but when you use radio to go back to your custom reflector the openspot3 will not find an entry for your custom reflector... At least that is my experience.
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Re: Save Custom Servers

Post by WY8E »

Yes, I experience the same issue with having to redo each browser used with the web interface. Can this be fixed?
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Re: Save Custom Servers

Post by HA2NON »

Custom servers are stored in the browser's local storage (they won't show up using another browser).
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Re: Save Custom Servers

Post by mskelto »

Understand that the custom servers are stored in the browser and that once you change the TG away from the custom server to a non custom server you can get back to the previous custom server. I think the ask is to have the ability to store these on the device, or at least a file so that they are treated like the public servers. This seems to work well when using a pi-star.
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