External antenna connection / VHF&UHF capability

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External antenna connection / VHF&UHF capability

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My wish #1: would be to see the return of an external RF antenna connection like in the OS1. I like the features of the OS3 but I want range capability to travel within my neighborhood which is roughly 1 1/2 miles radius.

I did a little experiment, and placed my OS3 in a ziplock bag and then taped it to the top of a 25 foot mast and erected the mast against the house. It did increase my range to about 1/4 mile away from the house using an HT (Yaesu FT3D) but it's not practical because of lack of power. I would rather have the ability to connect an external antenna to the OS.

My wish #2: It was already addressed in this thread viewtopic.php?t=528 and that is to add VHF to the RF side of the OS. I own a couple of digital radios that are monoband 2meter only. It's very limiting by keeping the hotspot only on the UHF band. I would like to see the ability to choose either a 2 METER frequency, or a 70 CENTIMETER frequency from within the OS.
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Re: External antenna connection / VHF&UHF capability

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220 would be a good option for the US area.
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