TGIF Network Talkgroups not showing up

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TGIF Network Talkgroups not showing up

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Hi Openstop Team
A few years ago I posted this request about adding the TGIF Network and the Team did a great job adding the TGIF network to the server list also Talkgroups on the quick call drop-down Menu on Openspot 2 and 3 which we were grateful for.

Would it be possible to also add the 802 talkgroups now to the quick call menu on the old Openspot1
this is one of the questions we keep getting asked on our support email.

Users say they do not see them in the list at the moment I checked myself and there right in this finding, when connecting to Talkgroup on TGIF you are seeing BrandMeister talkgroups display on the dashboards which is wrong.

I thought I would ask the question again, I see do Brandmeister and DMRPlus etc in the quick call menu at the moment only on the Openspot1.

We are seeing many users as well that are still Proud owners of the Openspot1 on our stats over 800 so far and there will be more I am sure around the globe.

The TGIF network now has grown to over 6000 users daily, and there are 806 talkgroups and would be a nice feature to have in the Quick call menu when logged on to the TGIF network the right talkgroup names could display in the Openspot1 dashboard.

Like I say we are told Openspot 2 and 3 are fine just users on openspot1 have this problem.

If you may require any more info to make this happen please ask I am very much in touch with all the Admins on TGIF is it possible to make this happen, please.
JSON feed of all talkgroups below

Kind Regards
Andy G7LRR
Tgif Admin
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