Switching WIFI networks

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Switching WIFI networks

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Been having issues with my home internet going on and off and this causes a problem. When the internet is off the openspot is still connected to the home network but there is no internet. I had my phones hotspot in as a second network but I guess since the openspot still was connected to the home it would not switch to the phones hotspot. I had to just remove the home network from the openspot. Is there a way to force it to switch? Or is there a way to get it to switch once it has a connection but no internet?
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Re: Switching WIFI networks

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+1 This is a great question. I did hit this one time when I did lose internet connection (bad thunderstorm) and had to power off ceiling PoE AP to connect to my iPhone since iPhone is second on the list after home SSID. Not a bit problem, more of an inconvenience.

Some form of “Force Button” would be a great improvement :)
But I am sure there are more important bugs to fix at this point in time.

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